True jewelers, and I could not be more pleased! I have a pair of antique brass glasses that I wear, and recently snapped the temple piece. I called every store in the area that offered repair services, and found that nobody had any idea what they were doing. I was informed that they could only be fixed by laser (not true, there's a reason why soldering techniques have existed for thousands of years and continue to do so) or that they only worked in gold and silver (requiring the same exact tools to repair the problem, with no detriment to tool or metal as brass). Thankfully the real jewelers at Ulman's know what they're doing, and fixed the piece within minutes while i waited, at a very reasonable cost. Thank you, Ulman's, for greeting me pleasantly, being both helpful and knowledgeable, and for having the most beautiful damascus knives and lovely silver torque bracelets to distact me on my quest for repair!

Raine Anakanu,